So future Star Wars games, I was thinking about a new series that takes place five thousand years after the Legacy Era book series. In this future, the New Republic is still in control and the Sith have been wiped out. But, a Jedi Knight by the name of Aidan Skywalker turns to do the darkside. During a battle on a distant planet, where the Republic is taking care of crime, piece by piece, he gets injured. Throughout Aidan's life, he's acted like his GREAT grandfather, Anakin Skywalker. And from this battle, the darkside heals him and turns him into the most powerful Sith Lord ever. He becomes Darth Regnum, Lord of the Force. He defeats the remaining mercenaries and escapes the planet and heads for Korriban. On his way there, the darkside of the force appears as a shadowy figure with glowing red eyes. It tells him to head to the homeworld of the Mandalorians, Mandalore. There, he creates the Sith Army. And then heads to a planet and remakes the old Imperial Army. With having two Armies, or militaries in the correct term, he has the two help him in separate ways. The Imperials will attack the Republic and the Sith will help him destroy the Jedi Order. The two militaries succeed and Darth Regnum's Imperial-Sith Empire is born. He also takes on a apprentice, Darth Galacton. That is what I have on the first two games. These will be broken down into part 1 and part 2, under the titles: Star Wars: Fall of the New Republic. Or it can be other titles like, Star Wars: Rise of the Imperial-Sith Empire, or Star Wars: Rise of Darth Regnum. But you guys can decide which title is better and add your ideas if you'd like to.

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